Creating a festive greeting cards for holidays (6+)

Difficulty Medium

Duration 45 minut

Type of activity Main activities

Season Any

Occasion Festivals

Suitability Without limits

Locations Indoor





older greeting cards samples (for discussion purposes)

thicker white paper for greetings (preferably already cut out in the folded shape for greeting)


color pens and pencils

magazines and papers with holiday pictures and images. Other available arts and crafts supplies: stamps


stickers etc.


Learn about how people in the past used to wish each other well on holiday cards, discuss images used on holiday cards (other values, different designs, etc.), incorporate the acquired knowledge by making own greeting cards for each other.

Intergenerational benefits

Understanding and relationship building

Understanding and relationship building

The activity promotes the understanding and appreciation of the attitudes, opinions, and experiences which different generations bring to the relationships, understanding and avoiding generational stereotypes and fostering tolerance of different lifestyles and an appreciation for cultural heritages, traditions and histories.

Intergenerational learning and skill sharing

Intergenerational learning and skill sharing

The activity promotes learning and skill sharing among younger and older generations. It involves the sharing of positive resources that the young and old have to offer each other, especially the experience with novelties of modern times and valuable life lessons as well as cultural and familiar traditions.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

The activity promotes physical and mental well-being. It has a positive impact on the quality of life (feeling of self-worth and a reduction in loneliness and isolation, promotion of physical and cognitive activity).

Personal impact

Personal impact

Developing soft skills (like empathy, confidence, communication abilities, learning skills) and developing their own strengths and talents.

Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills

Supporting mental / brain-based skills we need to do anything from the simplest to the most complex tasks:perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, visual and spatial processing, executive functions.

Community involvement

Community involvement

The activity increases confidence and involvement within the community. It offers a starting point that could have a positive impact within the community.

Step by Step

  1. The mentor presents a collection of older greeting cards, which he collects himself or asks the seniors to bring along.
  2. The group discusses how greeting cards used to look like, what images were portrayed and what people wrote to wish each other happy holidays. You can collect the notes and write them on the table/whiteboard/large paper for everyone to see.
  3. The group forms couples of one child and one senior.
  4. They both create one greeting card for each other (inspired by the old cards). First, they create the front size by drawing, decorating and using any pictures from the magazines/papers.
  5. After finishing the front side, they write a wish or a note on the other/inner side. The seniors can help and encourage the children with writing the note correctly.
  6. The group can prepare a display of all cards for everyone to see and read. They can each read their wishes/notes.
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